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Mini Chef
Part Number MCK2-MC
Mini Chef
Mini Chef
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Mini Chef

When you think about cooking outdoors, the first thing that comes to mind is the inconvenience of it all. After using My Camp Kitchen products, you will love the convenience.

The My Camp Kitchen Mini Chef was created to fill the needs of RVers, campers, and others on the road who are looking for a quick, easy way to make a scrumptious meal. It is small and lightweight yet still holds all the essentials for making great food. The Mini Chef is designed to sit on a table next to your grill so everything you need is within easy reach.

Key Features


  • Made in Colorado, USA.
  • Six shelves.
  • Slide-out knife, paper towel, and utensil holders.

Designed to hold:

  • Three bottles of wine or other beverages.
  • Wine glasses (we use Govina glasses—they don’t break).
  • Various plastic cups and paper plates.
  • Spices such as salt, pepper, herbes de Provence, oregano, and garlic and curry powders.
  • Wax paper, aluminum foil, and paper towels.
  • Olive oil and vinegar.
  • Utensils, including a large spoon, spatula, tongs, meat thermometer, grill brush, 3-piece knife set, and room for more.
  • Cutting board, hot pads, quart-sized plastic storage bags, and paper towels.


3/8" and 1/4" Baltic birch solid-core, CARB-certified plywood

The My Camp Kitchen Mini Chef is produced from birch trees in the Baltic region of Europe, primarily Russia and Finland. We chose Baltic birch for our products because of its strength and solid core, which enables dado, rabbet, box, and dovetail joinery.

We use Grade BB, which is generally light and even in color. Occasional small, tight knots are permitted. Open knots and defects are cut out and replaced with small veneer patches before gluing. Grade BB permits up to six small patches per sheet. The veneer selected for the patches is of the same general color as the basic face veneer. When possible, we cut the wood so we can position the patches on the inside.

Although the thickness is commonly expressed in Imperial (English) units, Baltic birch is manufactured to metric dimensions: 1/4" is actually 6mm and has five plies, whereas 3/8" is 9mm and has seven plies.

For our Mini Chef, we use a UV-cured epoxy acrylate finish on the flat surface—except the inside of the door/cutting board, which is finished with a food-safe oil. The UV finish is an extremely tough and scratch-resistant finish. To bring out the attractive contrast of the plies, we use an oil finish for the edges.

Size & Weight

  • Inside dimensions: 18" wide, 10" deep, 16-1/4" tall
  • Outside dimensions: 20" wide, 11-3/4" deep, 17" tall
  • Empty weight: 15 lbs.


Note: Discontinued until late 2021.